UI and Feature Brainstorming

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Feb 22, 2013 at 10:11 PM
Some of our primary concerns out of the gate will be the sorts of interactions we want users to have.

I'll give a couple of use cases here. Feel free to add your own to the discussion:

Use Cases

ReBook Used by Fred as a Literacy Aid

Toddler, Fred, opens the app, or has parent open it for him. App loads up a book. Fred uses touch gestures to 'turn' the page. Fred reads to himself for the most part. When Fred encounters a words he doesn't know how to say he then touches the word, possibly due to a spoken or visual prompt if the app is aware of the lapse in reading, and ReBook proceeds to vocalize the word.

ReBook Reads a Story to Alice

Alice is just learning how to read. She may use touch gestures to 'turn' the pages or if she has difficulty, swiping back and forth in opposite directions, then ReBook would compensate for that using biometric data to map her movements to intended actions. Alternatively, Rebook may autoread through the story or perhaps would allow for progression via a one-touch gesture. Alice is finished experiencing the story. She then has an option to go to a different book in her ReBook library, the next book, a random book, or perhaps to hear the same book again.

ReBook Brings a Story to Life for Peter

Peter is happy reading to himself. He is enthralled by TV shows and movies. Peter uses ReBook because when the stories are read- they aren't shown as static images but rather as an animated book.

Peter as well, likes to use the [Story Creator] to use the resources provided through the various books in his ReBook Library to create his own stories with his favorite characters. These stories may have resource elements from any and all books in his ReBook Library. He enjoys sharing his creations with his friends through a content hub even when his friends aren't ReBook customers and even, if they are ReBook customers, if they don't have the books from which Peter is utilizing resources in their ReBook Library. The resources are protected from being pirated.

ReBook Brings new Business to Gary

Gary is an author. He has partnered with ReBook for distributive and creative purposes. His characters and stories are receiving numerous impressions from [Story Creator] stories, called [MeTells] that some of ReBooks older users have created and shared due to the prominent, yet tasteful, display of info and links about the books and authors on which each MeTell is based. This leads to increased interest in and sales of the Author's works.

As I said above: Add your use cases as we try to figure out how we want ReBook to proceed.